Crush Rock Cover Band

From left: Steve Molans, Me (Chuck Dietz), Rachel Menhorn, Rob Nichols, Gregg Livengood

In Fall 2013, members of my former bands Yinz Guyz and Bare Minimum came together and auditioned a singer to form the rock-and-roll cover band Crush. Crush covers a whole variety of popular songs by groups ranging from Led Zeppelin, Beatles, and Allman Brothers to Ed Sheran, Bruno Mars, and Guns N' Roses just to name a few. We gig at a variety of restaurant/bars, private parties, and weddings.


Limit Breaker Metal/Progressive

from "Mission From A Tree" video released Jan 1, 2015

Former Eternity Lost members rejoined under a new name with a heavier, more-polished style of metal. Named after the special attack in the game Final Fantasy VII, Limit Breaker features song names with hidden game meanings (can you guess "Mission From a Tree"?). So far, we have released 1 song and are currently recording a new song/video release.

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